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About SNAP

SNAP is ACT’s annual photographic fundraiser featuring a live curatorial collection and a photo competition collection. 

SNAP has provided patrons with an opportunity to support ACT’s programs and services, increase their awareness of HIV and AIDS, and add to their art collections. The event provides a great opportunity for both established and emerging artists to showcase their work.

SNAP has raised over $2.5 million since its inception in support of the important programs and services at ACT.

About ACT

ACT has been a respected leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS for over 30 years. ACT works with gay men, women and young people to increase their knowledge, skills and resilience in the face of HIV and AIDS. ACT also helps to reduce HIV transmission by working with our communities to develop information about HIV, and provides outreach and education. We also help support and train people living with HIV so that they may lead healthier, more productive lives.

With your support, ACT can continue to deliver innovative programs and services to those living with, at risk, and affected by HIV and AIDS.

ACT relies heavily on the support of its partners to carry out the important work it does in HIV prevention, outreach, education and support. ACT would be unable to continue this tradition of excellence without the generosity of individual donors, and the support we receive from corporate, foundation, and community sources. Your donations are vital in keeping the fight against HIV and AIDS alive in our communities.